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About Us

We expertise in manufacturing and supplying specialised stainless steel and other metals.

Incorporated since 1959, the Rimex Metals Group has long been recognised as a leader for their great understanding of surface technology on metals. The group is a global manufacturer, having support from a wide network of distributors and representatives and, besides Australia, currently operates subsidiaries in Germany, UK, and the US.

Our staff are trained professionals in the handling of stainless steel and other metals to provide surface finishes for use in architecture, elevators, signage, interior design, machinery, engineering, refrigeration, catering, and transit sectors.

Our product range of metal finishes include:
  • Patterned finishes on stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steels and other metals;

  • The ColourTex range of coloured stainless steels;
  • T22 titanium coloured stainless-steel finishes;
  • Granex bead-blasted finishes;
  • VorTex multi-directional polish finishes;
  • Rimes SuperMirror polished stainless steel;

  • The MetalArt custom designed product range and;

  • The Impressions Range.

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