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Rimex Metals Group is able to provide a vast array of high-quality, dynamic specialised finishes on stainless steel and other metals.

Having been established for over 60 years, we have gained a long-standing reputation in the metal finishing industry.

Our stainless-steel products make for eye-catching signage that stands the test of time compared to many other materials.

Using a multitude of combinations, the stainless-steel product variations are endless; from the simple surface finishes such as hairline, satin and mirror polishes to GranexTM and VortexTM finishes. Options including patterned finishes and colour can be applied using either our ColourTex® stainless steel known as a ‘living’ colour or the T22TM range which provides a different colour tone on stainless steel.

Signage Product Benefits

  • Stainless steel has a long lifespan.

  • Aesthetically pleasing state-of-the-art finishes.

  • Creates a real presence.

  • Gloss / reflectivity control.

  • Endless combinations possible.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Highly sustainable.
  • Will not tarnish like copper alloys.
  • No need to lacquer.
  • Stainless steel is an inherently green product.

Vibrant and varied materials suitable for retail and commercial clientele

It can be used to create a real presence for your customer or client – for their company or retail outlet concerned; making a bold statement that quality treated stainless steel conveys.

Different lighting conditions can be used to give the stainless steel products a life of its own.

Whether it’s a subtle presence in soft light, through to an eye-catching effect in direct artificial light or sunshine, our specialised patterns and surface finishes in stainless steel can also provide some control as to how much light reflects.
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